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Try Our Brand New Quoting Tool TODAY!

Try Our Brand New Quoting Tool TODAY!

You could be 5 minutes away from saving on your insurance!

Getting a single quote for your home or car might seem like a time consuming task. A lot of factors can impact the amount of time it takes to get an insurance quote;for example, how many drivers and vehicles you have of details about the construction of your home. However, has now made it easy to get an insurance proposal in 5 minutes or less.

You now have a choice to complete a general 10-second quote or a more detailed 5 minute quote to see where you can start saving. The detailed quote will give you a more accurate estimate though answering a few simple questions. Your answers will then be run through our 18 contracted insurance companies to determine the company with the best coverage to fit your specific needs.

Moller Quote Tool

Once you’ve completed the session, you are given the option to try an additional quote or send the data you have submitted to our insurance specialists to further assist you with any questions.

When you call, we can also inform you of potential discounts and further saving you may qualify to receive.

Try out our new Quoting Tool today and give us a call! (905) 642-2745


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Electric cars subjected to crash test

by  IBO |  31 Jul 2014

electric carFor the first time ever, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released crash test data on electric cars – and there is one car that didn’t make the grade.

General Motors Chevrolet Volt passed the U.S. insurance industry’s toughest frontal crash test, earning a grade of ‘acceptable,’ while Nissan Motor’s Leaf was rated ‘poor.’

“Electric vehicles have a unique challenge in the small overlap test because of their heavy batteries,” said Joe Nolan, the institute’s senior vice president for vehicle research. “The Volt performed reasonably well.”

With people choosing electrics or hybrids in greater numbers to help eliminate or reduce the cost of paying at the pump, brokers can now take this information and better determine which vehicles offer the greatest safety to their clients.

The Volt earned IIHS’s highest rating, ‘Top Safety Pick +,’ for good results in four other crash tests and for making a frontal crash-prevention system available.

For an ‘acceptable’ or ‘good’ rating, cars have to be engineered to preserve space around the head and torso, have seat belts that keep a driver from pitching too far forward, and plenty of air bags to mitigate crash forces.

The electric cars were part of a larger group of small cars run into a barrier meant to simulate a tree, telephone pole or other car, crushing about one-fourth of the car’s front end. The test is tougher than U.S. government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration head-on crashes or other IIHS tests, the group said.

This is the first time the Arlington, Virginia-based safety group rated electric cars on how well they protect drivers and passengers in simulated crashes.

One other gasoline-electric model tested, Ford Motor’s C-Max Hybrid small, four-door wagon, also was given an ‘acceptable’ rating.

BMW’s Mini Cooper Countryman received a ‘good’ rating, the best in the group. Mazda Motor Corp.’s 5, a four-door hatchback, was rated poor – one of the three worst-testing small cars.

Overall, 13 of 32, or 41 percent, of the small cars tested by the insurance group in recent years earned ‘marginal’ or ‘poor’ ratings.

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Most Stolen Cars of 2013

2013 Most stolen vehiclesInsurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) released its annual list of the top 10 most frequently stolen vehicles in Canada and reported on new trends in organized auto theft.

According to Rick Dubin, Vice-President, Investigative Services, “Organized criminals are now dismantling higher-end vehicles and exporting them in pieces instead of as whole vehicles because they are less likely to be detected.” These vehicles get reassembled as far away as West Africa and then resold, he says.

Dubin believes this new creative approach is a reaction to detecting and seizing $8 million worth of stolen vehicles in 2013 by Canada Border Services Agency working in partnership with IBC investigators at the Ports of Montreal and Halifax. “It’s a trend we will continue to watch.”

On IBC’s top 10 list, the 2000 Honda Civic SiR 2DR sits at the top for the second year in a row and high-end SUVs and Ford trucks hold most other spots.

“Thieves consistently target the Honda Civic to chop for parts. Those parts are easy to resell because there are so many Civics on the road,” says Dubin.

The stolen Escalades and Ford series trucks on the list are now showing up less frequently at the ports for export, says Dubin. They are being re-identified (reVINed) and sold throughout Canada to unsuspecting consumers.

“Auto theft remains a big business for organized crime in Canada,” Dubin says.





5. 2006 FORD F350 SD 4WD PU



8. 2007 FORD F250 SD 4WD PU

9. 2007 FORD F350 SD 4WD PU

10. 2003 ACURA RSX TYPE S 2DR 2D

Find the full article from IBAO here

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