Staying Protected On Our Waterways

Fun can turn to calamity in an instant when you’re on water. And with the popularity of enjoying Muskoka’s waterways, being on the water is how many of us love to spend our leisure time here in cottage country.

Even if you’re the safest ‘sailor’ in the world, whether you’re on a Sea-Doo® or a large cabin cruiser – or anything in between – unfortunately you’re still at risk from the elements and the antics of others. And the consequences of misfortune can be extremely costly.

Moller’s personal watercraft insurance program can help to keep you afloat with a whole range of benefits customized to meet your protection needs at a reasonable cost.

There’s Enough To Worry About

On The Highways

Smooth-sailing, with a dash of adventure, is the goal of any watercraft enthusiast but you want to experience that with the peace of mind of knowing you’re properly protected if something goes wrong.

Boating on the open water can be unpredictable but your coverage shouldn’t be. Whether your boat is big or small, it’s an investment. Make sure yours is properly protected by calling Moller Insurance today at 1-800-603-4279 to learn more about our insurance solutions for all of your recreational, home and auto needs.

Additional Coverage Options

For added protection, consider the following additional coverage options:

  • Reasonable Repairs: Covers repairs incurred to protect covered property from further damage.
  • Emergency Service: Pays for reasonable costs that you incur resulting from specified emergency service to your boat, motor or boat trailer.
  • Wreck Removal: Pays the reasonable expenses you incur for any attempted or actual raising, removal or destruction of the wreck of your watercraft when damage is caused by an insured loss and removal or destruction is required by law.
  • Umbrella Liability: Provides additional boat insurance coverage across the board for home, auto and watercraft.